The Retreat for LGBT Muslims & Their Partners is sponsored by the Muslim Alliance for Sexual and Gender Diversity (MASGD). The retreat is organized by a committed group of volunteers on the Retreat Planning Team, including members of the Muslim Alliance.

The Retreat for LGBT Muslims & Partners has been held every year since 2011. It is a weekend of powerful dialogue, spiritual nourishment, and emotional renewal. Participant testimonials attest to the power of this amazing event.

The LGBTQ Muslim Retreat aims to be inclusive of all Muslims, including those who identify with Islam politically, culturally, religiously, ideologically, and/or spiritually. 

The retreat is self-sufficient and seeks sponsorship, donations, and other funding to be financially secure.

2017 Retreat Planning Coordinators:

Faisal A. - Chair
Cherese R.
Fyzah T.
Mirna H.
Omar S. Sadiya A.

To contact the coordinators, e-mail:


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