Goals and Outcomes 


  • To gather together as a community of individuals who identify as Muslim culturally, religiously, ideologically and/or politically and also as lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender.
  • To (re)connect with our faith, our community and with ourselves.
  • To learn from each other and our community.
  • To create new friendships within and amongst our community.
  • To share our individual experiences with one another.
  • To engage in spiritual worship and (re)gain a sense of peace within our lives.
  • To engage in meaningful dialogue with each other around concerns facing our community.
  • To develop new ways of communicating our needs and desires to members of our community.
  • To empower each other with vision, clarity and sense of purpose.
  • To create spheres of interest in writing, art, song, dance and other creative media.


Our time together will be a "retreat" from our lives, but it will also be a time of self-reflection and community building. During the weekend we will engage in workshops, interactive sessions, salaat (prayer), creative writing, zikr (remembrance), art, reflections from the Quran and the Prophet's life, poetry, song, and muraqabah (silent meditation). 

We will learn 
from each other and create dialogue with one another.  While our time together will be brief, our goals will be great:  To leave the retreat feeling a sense of peace and reconnection with our faith, our lives and with our community. 

You are encouraged to participate as much as possible.  We will take risks, we will laugh and we will cry.  Our lives are intertwined with the Divine, with our families, our communities, our sexual and gender identities, and with the world around us.  

Come as you are, whoever you are and wherever you are in your journey - you will be welcomed.

These Goals & Outcomes were developed in 2011 by a group of volunteers and members of the planning committee.


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