LGBT Muslim Retreat Location:

  • Due to privacy and security concerns, we do not advertise the location of the retreat venue. Detailed information will be sent to you after you payment has been received and your registration has been confirmed.

  • Retreat center is located in the beautiful wooded suburbs of Philadelphia, "an oasis for reflection"
  • On 20+ acres surrounded by over 140 species of trees and flowers
  • 1 mile wood chip trail overlooking beautiful pond
  • Private rooms with bed(s) and desk(s)
  • Delicious meals and refreshments (including vegetarian & vegan options)
  • Art studio, library & wi-fi access

Retreat Accommodations:

Most participants will stay on-site for the duration of the retreat.  Room options include:

  • Single room - 1 single bed (for one person)
  • Couple (Double Room) - 2 single beds
  • Shared Double Room - 2 single beds
  • Shared Triple or Quad - 3 or 4 single beds

    Single bathrooms are available on each floor. 


Retreat Meals: 

  • Refreshments are served throughout the day.
The retreat center notes that "most foods are homemade... we use organic vegetables and fruits... many of our dinners are vegetarian... other dinners include free-range meat, poultry, or fish."  

The retreat center is not able to offer halaal meals.  
All meals include vegan and vegetarian options.

Snacks & refreshments include tea, coffee, juices, fresh organic fruit, crackers, peanut butter and jelly.



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