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Thank you for your interest in attending the 2015 LGBTQ Muslim Retreat! The 2015 Retreat for LGBTQ Muslims (and Partners) is a project of the Muslim Alliance for Sexual and Gender Diversity (MASGD). The retreat is organized by a committed group of volunteers on the Retreat Planning Team, including members of MASGD.

The organizers of the retreat are committed to creating a space that is safe and healthy for all participants, while welcoming a beautifully diverse community that includes a range of ages, genders, sexual orientations, sexual practices, abilities, races, ethnic identities, nationalities, political affiliations and religious/spiritual practices.

With that in mind, we ask participants to come to the retreat open to making new connections and questioning their own assumptions. 

However, we also recognize that it is important to respect boundaries that may be due to religious beliefs or trauma. For some, these include boundaries around sharing space and/or physical contact. If any participant needs a same-gender roommate or other accommodation in order to feel safe and respected at the retreat, we will do our best to accommodate those needs.

The first phase of registration is complete, registration is now open to all participants.

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2015 Registration Rates, Payment Schedule and Cancellation Policy

All registrations are currently being wait-listed.


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