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The testimonials validate the meaningful impact of the retreat, highlight diverse participant experiences, emphasize key themes like belonging, community and reconciliation, and convey a message of hope.

“Attending the retreat was the first time I felt completely accepted and able to integrate all parts of my identity. I didn’t have to choose or hide – I could simply be me.”

Aisha, 28

“The connections I made at the retreat profoundly impacted my life. For the first time, I met others like me, who understood my struggles and made me feel less alone. It gave me strength and courage to live more authentically when I returned home.”

Omar, 32

“I was dealing with a lot of internalized shame about my sexuality. The retreat helped me unpack years of harmful messaging and begin healing through workshops, counseling sessions and heartfelt conversations with this loving community.”

Sara, 19

“As the parent of a gay Muslim son, the retreat helped me move through fears to become an ally and supporter. I’m now working to create safer spaces for LGBTQ youth in my local mosque.”

Fatima, 45

“I gained new clarity around reconciling my faith and queer identity through compassionate theological discussions. It was empowering to reclaim spiritual mentors and stories that affirm each person’s full humanity.”

Ali, 22

“I made connections at the retreat that blossomed into life-long friendships and even professional collaborations towards advancing LGBTQ inclusion in Muslim spaces. The power of this network is invaluable.”

Tara, 30